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A Chat About Oriental Carpets

We believe that selecting an Oriental rug should be much more than an educational experience; it should also be an opportunity to simply enjoy the colours and patterns of all the beautiful carpets you’ll be looking at.  In the process, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

At House of Woven Art we are dedicated to providing our clients with good quality genuine handmade rugs, carpets and Kelims. We don’t carry any machine-made carpets. Ours are all hand-woven and hand-knotted, made from 100% natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk.

A certificate of authenticity, origin and value accompanies each piece purchased from House of Woven Art.

To provide the best possible service and product selection, we offer a wide range of traditional, contemporary / modern rugs, carpets and kelims in our collection.

We extend a special service to our clients whereby we bring carpets to their home or office for a private viewing so they can see how a piece looks in a given location.  We also offer guidance on rug and carpet placement.

We offer the following services:

Cleaning - our process is modeled on the traditional Persian method.

Underlays - to rectify the problem of creeping or slipping carpets.

Restoration - undertaken by experts.

Wall hanging - to sew a sleeve onto the back of the rug.

Overcasting - refringing, re-piling.

Interior Designers, don’t miss out on the endless design potential that our Gallery holds for you and your clients.

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